33 Seater Bus Hire

If you thought the 24-seater was everything you need to find out about this 33-seater minibus. It has comfortable seats and beautiful interiors that make travelling for long journeys very satisfying and fun. This minibus gives you the ability to go long distances without the fear of experiencing body pains and cramps. Because of the size of the minibus and the arrangement of the seats you can stretch your legs from time to time as well as changing the body posture during long journeys. The availability of a headrest allows you to rest your head in a relaxing position to prevent neck strains.

It is ideal for transportation of large groups of people to long distances, for instance, a company‘s staff, congregation members, students or people travelling to a given event. Barnsley offers all these quality services at a very fair price that is affordable to everyone who would consider booking a trip with us. Give us a call today then sit back relax and watch us do what we do best.

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