1. The Maize Maze at Cawthorne

This is a living puzzle that is very interesting for the tourists as they see a maze made out of plants, and it is a beautiful natural scene to witness. People can enjoy the village atmosphere with traditional games and puzzles and also tractor rides that are most loved by the tourists.

2. Lamproom Studio

The Lamproom Theatre is known to be a host of many plays, musical events and even one-man shows every year, providing Barnsley and its people with the opportunity to enjoy theatre in their town live.

3. Mucmara

Mucmara is an organisation that organises and holds Mind, Body & Spirit events around the beautiful villages and tourist attractions, which are very enlightening and must be attended by every tourist.

4. Wentworth Castle Gardens

These gardens are enormous with many deer found in the park, and it is open all year round for the visitors, it even has a gift shop for people who want to buy souvenirs and also a café to enjoy their warm cup while watching the beautiful view of the park.


1. Experience Barnsley museum

A total multicultural mixture of cafés, theatres, art galleries and museums composed of the new Experience Barnsley Museum. It is a fascinating museum about Barnsley and was formed by the people of Barnsley. Barnsley offers excellence when it comes down to showing off its culture to tourists.

2. Monk Bretton Priory

Broadening onto the Peak District Barnsley also provides some captivating outdoor places. Which definitely include experiences such as enjoying an evening at Monk Bretton Priory, while exploring the extraordinary and signature Yorkshire Sculpture Park. This is already very enticing for artists and people who value art. People who love and appreciate art are everywhere in the world even though they may not always be outspoken.

3. Wentworth Castle

Most people would also particularly enjoy taking a stroll through the landscaped gardens at Wentworth Castle that holds immense historical value in the history of Barnsley, even though the name was changed later on. The original name survives in the Shamborough Castle, and a sham ruin fabricated as a garden folly on the estate. This also provides an excellent view of the art and history lovers as this building holds excellent work involved in making and preserving it over the centuries for its visitors.

4. Trans Pennine Trail

Even the beautiful Trans Pennine Trail is home to a lot of tourists as it provides many activities to perform there. The children enjoy cycling around its gardens across the stunning views of the park, and they can even go horse riding if they please.

5. Cannon Hall Farm

Cannon Hall Farm is a perfect place or venue for families to spend the day at as it includes a lot of activities to choose from that the families would want to introduce to their families. Children would love to get engaged in the farm meeting animals, while also learning about the cattle or the livestock. This would be a one of a kind adventure for the children as well that includes the animals and playing on the adventure playground. Most of the time there are events also taking place on the farm, and it increases the chance of getting busy and involved in the festivities of the farmland through Canon Hall Farm.

6. Visit Pot house Hamlet

This is a place where you can meet with animals, cattle or livestock in particular. Children love this site as it provides them with so much more than just watching animals or eating. It includes a lot of other activities for your children. The place is very child-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your child getting into some trouble or danger with the animals. Eating here is also a valuable experience as it gives off a very rural and countryside vibe.

7. The Cawthorne Victoria Jubilee Museum

This is a unique small volunteer-based museum, which can be found in the beautiful village of Cawthorne. The museum is a typical Victorian scene that is exciting to the eye, whichever way you turn there is something to capture the attention of both young and old. There are also original collections of different birds, fossils, stuffed animals, domestic bygones, wartime relics, old school books and the list is endless. A visit to this place is a look into the past or a trip down memory lane.

8. Elessar Park

This is a beautiful park for children of all ages and even adults to visit it once, it gives a refreshing feeling, and the children also get to play on the swings while you take a walk on its beautiful garden. Feeding the ducks and also including a lot more fun activities for your child this park is the ultimate escape from your routine.

9. Locke Park

This is a fantastic café that sells coffee and food items to have you filled during the day, and right outside this restaurant is a park for the children to indulge in the outdoor activities and to make use of the time away from home by playing outdoors.

10. Wigfield Farm

This farm has a wide range of animals that are important for children to visit as they should be able to connect to the environment and that can be done by knowing all kinds of creatures and how to take care of them. The variety of animals here would sure be a different experience for the children.


Corner pocket bistro Barnsley

It’s a British Steakhouse and is excellent in terms of food and services. People who are regulars here would vote in agreement as it provides the best of services with beef steak being on the rise of this fantastic restaurant. This restaurant offers value for food, as it also possesses an impressive interior and decor that keeps the customers thrilled to have visited the restaurant in the first place. The mouthwatering menu keeps them enticed and engrossed in enjoying the sort of meal that they have never had in their life. This makes the experience of dining with your loved ones even more special.

Pasha Barnsley

This is a Turkish, Middle Eastern restaurant that gives you the experience of a diverse and rich taste of food. People who like to try new and different flavours from all over the world would enjoy coming here and having a meal that is entirely different from what they had been eating in a city elsewhere. Pasha Barnsley is known for its food, and the tasty experience that you get in this restaurant is incomparable to any other. It provides excellent quality as this is a guarantee they offer even if you think the taste was not up to your preferences, the restaurant makes sure that they offer you with quality that cannot be compromised.


Travel Lodge Barnsley

Travel Lodge Barnsley being a 3-star hotel provides a lot of facilities for the people as it caters to customer needs bringing the maximum amount of satisfaction. It also offers a free parking space especially for people who are visiting from a different city using their cars and worry about where they should park them. This hotel is a beautiful place to live in while you are on the trip and apart from providing services of free parking; they also have Wi-Fi that would otherwise not be available in other hotels. They also introduce deals as per the customer’s requirement and are also flexible to meet their needs. They also provide smoking and non-smoking rooms as per preference.

Holiday Inn Barnsley

Holiday Inn Barnsley is a 4-star hotel provides a lot of more different facilities for the people as it caters to the kind of customer satisfaction that is the best of its value. It aims to bring about the maximum amount of pleasure followed by customer loyalty. It offers a free parking space across its beautiful looking outdoor areas to cater for people who are visiting from a different city in their cars. This hotel is eye capturing and a place to live in while you are on the trip. Besides providing free parking services, they also have an extensive pool and Wi-Fi enabled rooms as per your preference depending on who you are travelling with alone or with friends or even with your family. These services are not available in all hotels. They are also introducing deals as per the customer’s requirement and are flexible to meet their needs. In addition, they even provide room service as per your wish and command.

Ibis Style Barnsley Hotel

This is the hotel that makes you want to visit Barnsley again and again. You are assured of the best customer service as it is a three-star hotel. It offers free parking for its customers visiting them from another city, and since it seeks to secure customer loyalty, it is seen to be treating their customers with a lot of respect and dignity throughout their stay. They make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything during your stay and also provides their customers with Breakfast in the morning. It has a wide lounge area that is used for waiting and sitting. It also includes a bar where you can go to spend some your quality time to help you de-stress during your stay in this city. It is also a non-smoking hotel as is best suited in the interests of all the people since some people get irritated and dizzy by the smell of smoke.