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Barnsley minibus

Barnsley is a beautiful city located across in South Yorkshire, southwest of England. It has a rich amount of history which is basically rooted in industrial heritage, associated with it that makes it a magnetic spot for tourists to visit while they are in England to spend their holidays. Barnsley minibus offers all the services within the local area.While exploring England, Barnsley provides a memorable and historical element to the tourist’s trip. It has a lot of tour buses making it easier to view the tourist spots and also eliminates the chance of missing some of the most important sights which the tourist might otherwise not know about and may end up leaving the city without having seen all the city attractions and feeling left out or regretting not catching hold of better websites or tour guides to guide them all around the city.

Tour minibus aims to offer easy to use customer friendly bus rides that take you on a tour all across the city. Making sight-seeing convenient for the tourists and also making sure that their comfort and convenience is not compromised upon.  


Iveco’s minibuses

Iveco’s minibus make life a lot easier, one of its minibus lines is called the daily minibus. These minibuses have made daily travelling easy for the local people with it being spacious, efficient and ideal for travelling day in and day out across the city. It has a category-led passenger space to allow the minibus to run efficiently and also keeping the running cost as low as possible. The Daily Minibus offers a package to suit different people according to their needs.

This line comes with three different variations, two of which have different types of doors and a diversity of seating arrangements: it can accommodate passengers from a number of 16 to 22 on their allotted seats. This helps in making it easier to customize the bus as per the requirements of the individuals, so that they do not have to be uncomfortable all along their ride and are easily adjusted to the features and fit accordingly in the mini bus as per their wish.

Iveco’s array of fittings and seating arrangement is correspondingly wide, along with the possibility to include destination display boards, managing ticketing, pre-installations and also a request available of stop buttons, to meet exact needs of the customer as they require.

One of the unique features that need appreciations is definitely the rear entrance ramp and also the quick-removal of seats that are available in the back rows, is available on request. The Daily Line in this manner facilitates accessibility for even the people who have disabilities, since it’s these people who face a major problem while traveling that none of the public transportation caters to their needs and is usually built for people who are physically abled. Through these Iveco’s buses it will now be easier for the disabled individuals who are successful in living life be it being a entrepreneur or just an individual who wants to enjoy their day out can travel with these daily line minibuses. The Daily Line is also available with Iveco’s CNG powered engine, as this will cause less pollution in the air and would therefore prove to be healthy for the environment as well.

Daily Tourys

The Daily Tourys is another line of minibuses, it correlates with a sense of comfort and flair for tourists who arrive from abroad and want to spend their vacation exploring the city. These busses come in compact models along with their extra comfortable reclining seats that are easy to use and operate, easily reachable lowered baggage compartment. A lowered baggage compartment is important for everyone as they higher ones are only accessible by tall people and the short ones are usually seen struggling to keep their bags in the overhead compartments and most people get misbalanced while tip toeing, this may sometimes result in the baggage to fall on the head of the other passengers.  

The Iveco tourist busses give off a family vibes as they are clean and shiny and all of them contain new floors and roof trims giving off a more elegant look to the vehicle. New high standard structures are found in the minibus such as LED lights and separate individual air conditioning vents that can complement a series of even more exclusive options. The multi-media system in Iveco makes travelling experience even more comfortable and enjoyable for both the driver and the passengers. There is also a reversing camera built into the dashboard and a reversing camera for driver and also passengers to make use of an LCD monitor.

Along with the other equipment available in the bus one of the important one is the USB port in every seat, the drinks fridge and even the coffee machine for regular coffee cravings beside the driver: these busses are therefore the perfect option for long journeys.

The innovative 8-speed Hi-Matic automatic gearbox comes as standard equipment on Daily Tourys to provide absolute driving pleasure.


Minibus World

This Minibus is consumer friendly and its features are designed such that the customers would want to use this as much as they can. As this minibus provides comfort and a lot more different features to suit the consumer needs differently based on their individual differences. It has a beautiful looking design from the outside as well, with its shining fog lights on the front that make a vehicle best suited for day and night visibility. Its remote controlled locking system that is centrally operated, this is specially important while travelling with families as young children tend to play around with the locks making it difficult to keep the children in control and it keeps the parents on their toes all the time.

Central locking makes it easier while travelling with kids as its safer and automatic to prevent any incidents from occurring. Also central locks are important when senior citizens are also travelling and they forget that they have to lock their doors and they just with their doors still unlocked. So it is very important to have central locks in public transports as many people from many diverse demographics are all travelling at once. There is also a single front seat provided in the bus to make room for more passengers and also if someone feels uncomfortable at the back can sit in the front passenger seat.  Reverse parking sensors are also present in this bus as it makes it difficult to see at the back of the bus with it being longer than the usual cars and therefore difficult to navigate the back of the car. Most of the times the accidents occur while reverse parking as the driver isn’t able to clearly comprehend the distance still left to park and goes further back leading a bump into the wall or any other object. Hence for such purposes minibus world has reverse parking sensors to make reverse parking easier as the sensors tell when the driver can keep going back and when he has to stop as going any further would only lead into the a collapse. The electric windows being easy to operate are another unique feature present. A c/d player is also present in the vehicle for listening to music and enjoying it while being on a journey.

An amazing feature of the vehicle is the onboard electric wheelchair lift especially built for senior citizens and disabled people who travel on wheelchairs and struggle with the wheelchair as to where it should be kept and how. This feature makes the vehicle environmentally and humanely responsible towards their fellow human beings and keeping in mind the problems of those that are disabled and face immense difficulty while travelling. 

The rear passenger saloon offers an electric side step, pop up roof vent, slide opening windows, speakers, lights, fully tracked floor and storage box for wheelchair restraints  

The rear passenger saloon is currently fitted with 11 seats, of which 4 are removable to give the following seating configuration . book your minibus hire with barnley minibus hire for the prefect experience.



Why Choose Barnsley Minibus?

The service provided by our coaches and minibuses are very comfortable and it is widely appreciated because of the customer service that we provide. We make sure that our customers receive whatever they need in terms of travelling and accommodate according to their needs. Our sevice is unique since it takes care of all of your problems from baggage to seating. We make sure that you have enough space and area to keep your bags in the overhead compartment and enjoy your ride hassle free. We have a very loyal customer base within the city as most people who have used our service, prefer to opt it again and again. We are also child friendly so you may say goodbye to your worries regarding your little ones as they play while being on their seats. This is another reason why our doors are centrally locked as a lot of different people come and use our service and we aim for the best security to be provided to our customers. We take care of your worries and have a solution already prepared to use when the need arises, we know how difficult it can get for parents to handle their kids in a moving vehicle especially when they are tired too. hence we ensure safety of our customers while still meeting all their needs.

They are also particularly catering to the needs of disabled people by having a separate area to keep their wheelchairs at. Since they also are a part of our community and they should be accepted into being one, most public places are only such that physically abled people can go to. This is particularly well designed, since it also caters our disabled population who is successful and also deserves to win a chance at life by going out like everyone else.

This is also one reason why most people opt for coaches and mini buses as it caters a large number of population such as senior citizens as well. Being environmentally friendly is also a plus point as it causes less pollution in the air and takes care of the ozone layer and the oxygen we breathe in a very well manner. Most other vehicles aim to achieve these high standards but have mostly failed to do so as these vehicles are best in every way. Costing less on the pockets, providing a nice environment along with comfort, being child friendly which most vehicles aren’t, and also being accommodating for the senior citizens as they tend to get cranky when things don’t go as they expect them to.



Customer 1- I was surprised to use this service as I had never experienced a public transport this comfortable and I would definitely like to use it again happily.

Customer 2- I have been travelling the world since quite along time now and I have to say that the comfort and ease provided in Barnsley for travelling is unmatched uptill now. I will recommend everyone in Barnsley to use this service as it cares about customer satisfaction more than any other service I have used.

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